Lucy as your Celebrant

Do you want the same wedding ceremony as everyone else? No? Then read on…

With a Celebrant couples have a choice of saying “I do” at any choice of  venue, at any time of the day or day of the week – however, a traditionally- led ceremony can be inflexible despite it being the most meaningfully significant part of your special day.

If a unique, one off, “different and truly special” ceremony from the rest, is what you are looking for… then look no further than Lucy from Celebrant Number 1.

Everybody wants the most amazing day of their lives when they marry and this is exactly what you will have, on what will be a very magical, personalised day carefully crafted to represent you and your partner.

Nowadays, a wedding ceremony is not strictly the traditional affair that it used to be.

Why not be given away by your mum? Grooms can be given away too!

If you have been blessed already with children,lets get them involved……theres a thousand things we can do inorder to make your wedding ceremony all the more special….

Let your imagination flow…

The “giving away”, the vows , the blessing of the rings etc with Lucy to guide you, all aspects  of a “traditional”  ceremony can be built upon, if thats what you want……. to make your day, your way.

There are NO restrictions!

Lucy takes great pride in creating the most precious moments in your ceremony with you specifically in mind- infact, nothing is impossible as this should be the one day where your every fantasy can be indulged.

No two ceremonies are the same – after all, no two couples are the same so with Lucy, we shall create the perfect wedding ceremony for you… your friends and family will talk about it for ages!

“We will meet several times before the wedding day and I will create for you several drafts of your ceremony as your ceremony becomes a living thing, reflecting you both so that on your wedding day, all your friends and family will be blown away by that personal touch.

Each ceremony is very special to me so each one has to be perfect in every way”
Lucy Taylor